Baby Carry Cot 10 In 1

  • Baby Carry Cot 10 In 1 Factory
  • Baby Carry Cot 10 In 1 Factory
  • Baby Carry Cot 10 In 1 Factory
  • Baby Carry Cot 10 In 1 Factory
Baby Carry Cot 10 In 1
  • 45-60DAYS
  • 1000PCS/ONE DAY

The baby carry cot is designed for the small baby that is a few months old. The cot is very portable, you

can put it in your bedroom, also you can remove the base to carry your baby outside. For example, you

can carry your baby for shopping, or a trip. One advantage of it is that won't take a large space in contrast

to those big bassinets, also you don't need to carry your baby all the time, you can put the cot on the

ground for a rest.

Baby Carry Cot 10 In 1


Open Meas52*40*56CM
Carton Meas82*55*71CM/4PCS
MaterialPolyester Pongee+PP
ApplicationBedroom,  Hotel,  Hospital and so on. 


Product Details

Every parent wants to keep their child safe & comfortable. This Baby Carry Cot 10 In 1 is built Keeping in mind the softness and tender nature of the babies' skin. Unique design that helps to carry that baby with ease and comfort.

  • Keeps your baby comfortable and safe

  • Suitable for babies aged 0 - 12 Months

  • Quilted cushion cover, fully washable

  • Can be used from the time of birth

baby carry cot 

baby carry cot 10 in 1

  • There are 3 levels of the carry cot.  Just click the button below on both sides to adjust the height. 

infant carry cot

  • There is a button here to adjust the handle. Each one on both sides. Click them at the same time.

  • The carry cot has a rocking function. When you want to start the rocking function, just operate the circled parts, just let it up. 

      When you want to stop it, just put it down to fix it.

  • The carry cot has a buckle here for adjustment, to fix your baby and the length is adjustable. 

  • There is a storage at the back of the carry cot. It is very functional. You can put some small baby staff into it, such as napkins, small bottles and so on.

  • Remove the base.

baby carry cot 10 in 1

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