What to put on a newborn bed


What to put on a newborn bed

For infants and young children, most of the time of the day is spent in sleep. Only when the baby sleeps well, can he grow faster. If you want to make the baby sleep more steadily, you have to make a crib. Work hard, the following 5 items are necessities:

1. Baby mattress

Although the baby develops rapidly, the bones are still very soft. A high-quality mattress can effectively support the baby's spine and make it in a straight line. The cot mattress chosen for the baby should be moderately soft and hard, so that all parts can be evenly stressed.

2. Urine pads

Babies often wet the bed, so it is necessary to put a diaper pad on the crib. It is absorbent, breathable, and waterproof. It allows the water to completely penetrate into the absorbent layer, making the baby more comfortable, and it can also prevent mothers from washing the sheets frequently. .

3. Mattress

Of course, the baby can't sleep directly on the mattress. The mother should also prepare a crib mattress for him. The baby's mattress should preferably be made of silk cotton material that is easy to clean, but the exterior must be made of pure cotton, which is soft and comfortable, and can be washed if it is dirty.

4. Baby quilt

How can you sleep without a quilt, but the baby's quilt is also very particular. Experienced mothers often prepare thin, medium and thick quilts for their babies according to the temperature. , preferably slightly larger than the size of the crib.

5. Baby pillow

Travel Cot Mattress

The hardness of the baby’s pillow should be appropriate. A very hard pillow may cause deformities such as partial head and partial face, or baldness of the pillow. Too soft pillows are not enough to support the pressure on the head of infants and young children when they lie down, which will make children of young age. Risk of suffocation for babies, especially newborns.

Baby mattress


When arranging cribs for babies, mothers should not ignore the contraindications of crib placement, try not to put too many toys on the baby's bed, because infants and young children are still shallow, and toys may scare the baby, even if it is slightly larger. A little baby is aware of toys, but an active baby may step on the toy and fall off the crib, posing a safety hazard.

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