How was Eileen Gu trained?Gu mother: The first is to sleep more


On February 8, Eileen Gu, 18, won the gold medal in women's freestyle skiing platform. History was made with 1620 ultra difficult moves.

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She is not only a skier genius, but also completed the two-year course of ordinary high school students in one year and entered Stanford University. She loves soccer, basketball, cross-country sports and is the darling of fashion industry.

And when the reporter asked Eileen Gu, what is the secret of success?

Her answer was... Get ten hours of sleep a day!

"From the age of 8 to 14, I skied only on weekends. And my secret weapon for being able to do better than older, more professional athletes was sleeping 10 hours a day, literally 10 hours a day."

She even calls her mother the "sleep police" because of her emphasis on getting a good night's sleep. Gu's mother also said in the interview, "My education for Gu is: first, sleep more; second, study more; third, play more."

Sleep is really important!

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