Choose the right baby rocking chair, the mother bids farewell to the unicorn arm


As young parents represented by the post-90s and post-95s have become the main force in maternal and infant consumption, their parenting concepts and consumption concepts are constantly upgrading, and everyone is more and more advocating scientific parenting and pursuing the quality of life. For the new generation of parents, saving money is only a basic condition, and peace of mind and peace of mind are the pain points for everyone to buy maternal and child products. Looking at the current maternal and infant market, it is not difficult to find that products are becoming more and more subdivided and designs are becoming more and more user-friendly. For example, in the matter of coaxing babies, a series of artifact coaxing babies came into being.

baby rocking chair

Among them, it is worth mentioning that the baby rocking chair, which once caused a heated discussion, is now accepted by more and more families and has become a must-have item after giving birth to a baby.

Is it necessary to buy a baby rocker? We can find answers from mothers with babies.

Every mother will experience the moment when the baby keeps crying and can only be calmed down by holding it. The following scenarios also occur in every household: holding a baby in the arms and walking around the room.

Holding the baby for a long time is a huge physical exertion, and it is not an exaggeration to say that the mother holds the unicorn arm. And, once a habit is formed, it can be an uphill battle to correct it. The emergence of the baby rocking chair can reduce the burden of the mother's long-term hug, and at the same time liberate the mother's hands.

Putting your baby in a fully-protected baby rocker is not only safe, but also frees up time to do other things with confidence. In the rocking chair, the baby can always pay attention to the mother's movements, and can also interact with the mother at any time, which can also enhance the parent-child relationship invisibly.

Moreover, the shaking of the rocking chair can also bring a certain sense of comfort and security to the baby, which is also good for the growth of the baby. This is why the cradle has existed since ancient times.

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